Theme & Decor

Theme & Decor

At Jeff Barker Productions, we utilize theatrical props, furniture, backdrops, lighting and many other decorative tools to embrace your audience.

From elegant to exciting, we have all the right choices for your upcoming event.

There is no limit to what we will design and build for our clients, and we have extensive experience in making amazing things happen.

All of our themes can be tailored to fit your needs, and we can develop themes around any concept!

At JEFF BARKER PRODUCTIONS, INC. we take pride in our reputation for creating innovative ideas and producing successful events that work for your group!

Event Themes

Academy Awards
Roll out the red come the limos and the paparazzi...

Night of the Sixth Sense
Mystical entertainers will predict your future under the midnight sky complete with Professor Marc Salem considered one of today’s best mind readers!

Arabian Night
Grab your veil and fez, and bring your friend on a magic carpet ride!

Cirque du Soleil
Experience one of the most astonishing and intense European events of all times. An explosion of theatrical artistry and music will surround your treasured guests.

Global Sports Cafe
Company guests will start their week ready to relax and meet old friends at the Global café. Enter the international three-dimensional sports pub complete with high-tech sports bar and monitors, flags from around the world, hawkers, music and sport games from every corner of the globe!

Casino Night
You've gotta be in it to win it! If you're a gambler at heart, you'll love the Casino Night, with poker, black jack, a wheel of fortune and more. Or perhaps you wonder what it would have been like at a Monte Carlo Casino featuring round fluted columns, water fountains, topiary trees with lights, statues on columns and beautiful flowers of the season!

Black, White & Silver
For an elegant evening.

Complete with a revue, a theatre entrance, glittering marquees, and a sparkling New York skyline!

Saturday Night Fever
Go back to the seventies with disco decor complete with disco ball, red lights, siren, and bubbles surround your black and white dance floor with our own John Travolta look-a-like teaching everyone the Saturday Night Fever dance. Around the perimeter of the room guests will find authentic games from the seventies such as space invaders, pac man and pinball games. Mounted and lighted on the walls posters from the era such as “The Godfather”, “Shaft”, “Saturday Night Fever”, “Farrah Fawcett”, “BeeGees”, “Taxi Driver” and more!

New York Ciry Lounge

Tropical Explosion

Art Deco

Mardi Gras

International Pavillion

Streets of New York