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An increasing number of hotels have in-house audio visual companies today. What does this mean to you the meeting planner?  This in-house trend means you are paying more than double the cost for what is typically an inferior service.  To be fair, some hotel in-house av companies do provide a decent production, but the majority of the work is below average with skyrocking costs.

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One of the things we strive for at Jeff Barker productions, is that no one even knows we’re there. We are invisible, but the effects of what we do drive the atmosphere of the entire event. We are working behind the scenes, but our presence is felt front and center.

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Today’s hotel market has been drastically changing over the last five years. With the added pressure from Airbnb in last few years, the hotel markets have begun to add various streamline profit centers within the hotel itself. Corporate planners are beginning to see the effects: higher fees for using these services. And often, outrageous fees. So here are two ways you can deal with these new high cost in-house services.

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Recently, JBP coordinated two simultaneous events at New York University in Brooklyn, NY. Inside the gymnasium, we coordinated the Brooklyn 5G Summit, hosted by NYU and Nokia. Outside in the courtyard, we set up seventy display tents, along with a complete sound system, for the NYU Tandon School of Engineering Research Fair.